This page contains a record of changes (changelog) in this blog to document as well as a place where I learn about basic web development. There are some very useful reference sources to be used as learning materials and information in making blog feature changes. Reference sources will be listed (hats off for the guide! 🫡).

Please go to the source link I included to see the code and tutorial. Unless the code I create or default template code will be displayed on the caption. 😉

28/1/2024 – Add Breadcrumbs

This template I use doesn’t have breadcrumbs feature. So, I want to add it from a breadcrumb plugin and put the code to make it show automatically on theme.

Blog theme: Lalita
Tutorial source: How to Display Breadcrumb Navigation Links in WordPress

  1. Installed Breadcrumb NavXT plugin.
  2. Configured the plugin settings. In my case, I customized the breadcrumb symbol and change the Title homepage from ‘%htittle%‘ to ‘Home‘.
  3. Added the bcn_display code to content-single.php. I put it above the featured image and created the div, so it has a dedicated container.
25/12/2023 – Add Next & Previous Article with Thumbnails

Blog theme: Lalita
Tutorial source: How to Add Next Previous Links in WordPress Ultimate Guide

Theme files to change

  • Functions.php – to add web navigation function, located below post code and before comment section.
  • Single.php – to display the web navigation.
  • Custom/Advanced CSS (customized theme) – to add the thumbnail.
    Responsive mobile code add below. I want to put the navigation upside down, not side by side due to the limitation of the frame. I changed the display into block (in desktop the display is inline-block), so it will not be exceeded and fit with the mobile frame. ⬇️
/* styles for mobile devices */
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
		.wpb-posts-nav {
    display: block;
Before - Web Navigation Responsive
Before – Web Navigation Responsive
After - Web Navigation Responsive
After – Web Navigation Responsive
  • Remove default navigation Lalita template version (after Category and Tag) on post-meta.php (Line 220) ⬇️
<?php if ( is_single() ) lalita_content_nav( 'nav-below' ); ?>

This feature I applied only for post, not page.

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